Shah Rukh Khan’s drive with son AbRam is cute but not cool


Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan recently went for a drive in his posh car with son AbRam. The video of King Khan with his little one driving on Mumbai road has now gone viral.

Photo: NDTV

The sight of SRK enjoying his precious time with AbRam is indeed cute. But, seeing a baby AbRam’s age standing on the front seat is not cool.

The little one ought to have been properly strapped on a child seat behind the driver. But that was not a case on this occasion.

Taking a child AbRam’s age without a car seat and unstrapped would amount to a traffic law violation in most European countries. But, more than the violation, such acts pose serious risk to the child’s safety.

Our intention here is not to unnecessarily criticise what was otherwise a cute moment for a loving father. But as a great father that SRK is, he wouldn’t like to expose his child to health hazard.

Hope SRK employs extra cautions while planning his next drive with AbRam.


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