Shah Rukh Khan the cricket commentator and pundit


There was an unusual commentator in the commentary box during India and Bangladesh match on Wednesday.

Shoaib Akhtar and VVS Lakshman were joined by the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan.

He said, “I’m interested in cricket only because of watching you (Shoaib). This will play a key role in promoting other sports too.”

He asked Shoaib Akhtar, “yaar mujhe iske baare mein batao. Mustafeez (Bangladeshi bowler.)” Akhtar said that the boy was very talented.

Here are the highlights of King Khan’s commentary:

  • Shah Rukh asks VVS Lakshman as to how a ball becomes slow after being bowled
  • SRK said he always felt he bowled really fast until he watched Shoaib and Zaheer Khan
  • I think Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan will spend time here. It’s nice that they are taking their time. They used to hurry things up before
  • Virat plays even bad shots with elegance. It’s a treat to watch him
  • India must put up a big total. Just winning is not important. We have to win by big margin
  • I hope he doesn’t get run out. I’m more scared of Rohit than Chris Gayle.
  • India has got the right kind of beginning (Shaoib compliments him for possessing great cricketing knowledge).
  • Shah Rukh mimics Hindi radio commentary of 80s, bahut tez hawa mein ghuma diya hai, didn’t want to commentate when Rohit got OUT
  • Virat Kohli deserves every bit of adulation he’s receiving.
  • Dhawan OUT, India 45/2 in 7 overs
  • I always used to find you expressive. I would be very frightened of the madness in your eyes.
  • Yuvraj would be the Don because girls from 11 countries would be after him
  • Dhoni would be me in Chak De, because I always think he would be giving inspirational speeches in dressing room. Or he may simply be simply aloof and say, ‘go do whatever you guys want to do.’



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