Sedition case filed against actor Ramya for contradicting Manohar Parrikar’s statement on Pakistan


A petition has been filed against 33-years old actor-politician Divya Spandana, known by the stage name Ramya at the office of the Judicial Magistrate of First Class Court at Somavarapete in Karnataka’s Madikeri, demanding that she should be booked under the sedition law for her comments on Pakistanis.

Referring to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s recent remark “going to Pakistan is like going to hell,” the Congress leader had said, “Pakistan is not hell. People are just like us. They treated us very well. Parrikar’s comments (that going to Pakistan or hell is the same thing) are not true.”

Advocate Vithal Gowda has filed the case against Ramya, apparently “appalled” that she praised a country that India blames for promoting terrorism in India.

Parrikar had recently said that going to Pakistan was just like going to hell.

Referring to a foiled infiltration bid by the Indian Army, he had said, “Kal humare jawano ne paanch logon (terrorists) ko wapas bhej dia, Pakistan mein jaana aur nark (hell) mein jaana ek hi hai (Our soldiers sent back five terrorists yesterday. Going to Pakistan is same as going to hell).”


(With PTI inputs)


  1. There is no other worse country as india where people eat cow shit.. drink gau piss.. create divisions between every religions, race, where all common person is never treated as equal where brainless full of gaushit thinking people created by one god use , use others common dalits and others casts for their advantages.. then spit over them..beating them.. leaving them helpless..pakistani people do love respect hindus, sikhs lot more than indians do to their own families..I,ve seen it all practically.. in western countries as well as I normally go to pakistan on our guru nanak dev ji, birthday… they even cry with sadness when we leave their country and they say.. this is also your own country.. we r your brothers.. when our own hindus murder sikhs, muslims same in delhi, Modi did in 2002..Shame on u all .. truth hurts…

  2. How ridiculous is it that a citizen can’t even contradict.Just imagine can Sania Mirza married to Pakistani cricketer and a former princess of a place Kanota near Jaipur married to the Royal Soda Rajput family of Pakistan can ever call their in-laws place a hell?
    The media has made it an unnecessary issue Ramya and the lawyer who filed the complaint got a free publicity.
    The defence minister never said that the Pakistanis r not good,he meant that visiting Pakistan as a tourist or for trade etc is just like going to hell.The learned lawyer and the ABVP have made it a national issue and the media has added fuel to fire.
    Hope the honourable court wud dismiss this complaint with a hefty cost leaving behind a message to such hyper active over sentimental activists.


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