Scary! Food trays left scattered and toilet seat ripped off, Air turbulence causes huge damages to two Air India planes


In two scary developments last week, air turbulence caused considerable damages to two Air India planes and left at least one crew member injured. The photos of damaged Air India planes and injured flight staff have gone viral on social media platforms.

Air India

According to PTI. the first Air India plane to be hit by turbulence was travelling from Delhi to Kochi via Trivandrum in Kerala on Friday. The plane had 172 passengers.

“Air India’s flight AI 048 hit air turbulence when it was on the way from Kochi to Trivandrum. Though no injury has been reported, the A321 aircraft suffered minor damages. It was grounded immediately after landing for inspection. Due to this, the return flight was delayed by nearly four hours,” PTI quoted an official as saying.

Photo: Journalist Tarun Shula

Journalist Tarun Shukla, who covers aviation, took to Twitter to share some scary photos of the damaged planes and injured crew members. In the photos, food trays can be seen scattered across the aisle while in another photo, a person can be seen receiving medical treatment. One photo shows a toilet seat being ripped off.

Another Air India plane, according to news agency ANI, was flying from Delhi to Vijayawada when it encountered turbulence on 17 September. The Airbus A320 aircraft, caught in a thunderstorm, suffered damages while the cabin crew sustained injured.

Photo: Journalist Tarun Shukla

The airline has reportedly launched an investigation.


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