Satyapal Singh issues clarification, says he can’t be fined as he enjoys exemptions


BJP MP, Satyapal Singh, has denied being stopping by traffic police for violating Odd Even rules on the first day of its implementation in Delhi.

A photo of Singh in conversation with traffic police had gone viral, prompting the former Mumbai police chief to issue a clarification.

He told Aaj Tak that he had voluntarily stopped his car to ask for an address, when ‘somebody’ took the photo.

He said, “I can’t be fined because I fall in the category given exemption by Delhi government even though it’s true that my car has even registration number.”

Singh said that he was on his way to attend a function and the reports of him being stopped by traffic police were wrong.

He said, “I had stopped the car to ask the police for a place to park my car when somebody took the photo. I’ve been a police commissioner in the past, so the question of violating traffic rules doesn’t arise.”

Delhi government’s initiative on allowing cars with odd and even numbers started on Friday and will continue till the middle of this month. The initiative had to be taken in view of the rising air pollution in the capital.

Though the government has issued certain exemptions, Members of Parliaments are not included in the list.

However, many high profile people, who enjoy exemptions have voluntarily announced to abide by the rules. This includes the Chief Justice of India, Justice TS Thakur and the US embassy.

  • Shankar Jain

    Wish he had given up the exemption .

    • Indian

      Sir, under what category does he fall by the way?

      • Indian

        Sir, under what exemption category does he fall, by the way?

  • Indian

    What exemption he has?

    • singh

      He is not Indian but Pakistani brother of BJP??

  • sonia kumari

    they are bjpigs and pigs don’t follow the rules…

  • Alex J. D’Mello

    he is one of the first law breaker in Delhi after the traffic regulations were imposed. As an ex top cop of Maharashtra this is a very serious matter. We cannot expect anything from such people forget about giving good governance. Law maker becomes law breaker, shamelessly