Sartaj tells politicians not to politicise Dadri murder


Sartaj Akhlaq, son of the man killed for allegedly storing beef in his Dadri house, has requested politicians to refrain from encashing the issue for their political gain and also requested the people to maintain the unity of the nation.

He said, “I never expected something like this. We were brought up in this village and everything was done with [everyone’s] concurrence. All I want to say to politicians is to not politicise the issue. I appeal to people to maintain the unity of the nation.”

As he continues to keep a vigil at Noida’s Kailash Hospital where his younger brother Danish, 22, is being treated for serious injuries sustained while trying to save his father from being beaten by a mob on 29 October.

Sartaj said Danish is still in critical condition, “Doctor say there is a little swelling in brain, and that he is still not out of danger.”

Sartaj is confident that his father’s murderers would be brought to justice soon.

Despite the murder of his father Akhlaq over alleged storage of beef in his house, Sartaj has shown remarkable composure.


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