Sare jahan se achcha Hindustan hamaara: son of Dadri victim


Despite the murder of his father Mohammed Akhlaq over alleged storage of beef in his house, his son Sartaj, showing remarkable composure, says “sare jahan se achcha Hindustan hamara [India is the best]”.

When asked what he would say about politicians who have sent the meat found in house for testing, Sartaj told NDTV, “Sare Jahan Se Achcha Hindustan Hamara.”

Sartaj further said, “I did not expect this to happen with my family because my family has good relations with our neighbors. So, I could have never imagined [this to happen to my family].”

The older son of Akhlaq is continuously keeping a vigil at Noida’s Kailash hospital where his younger brother Danish has been admitted with  serious injuries, and continues to fight with his life. He said he expects politicians do not to create a political issue out of this.

Sartaj said he wanted “all my fellow countrymen to pray for the health of my brother Danish”. He emphasised that no religion taught hatred between people.

Akhlaq’s elder son was confident that his father’s murderers would be brought to justice soon.

Meanwhile, it has now emerged that the last call that Akhlaq made was to one of his Hindu friends, Manoj Sisodia, for help.

Sisodia immediately ran to Akhlaq’s house and informed the police. Unfortunately, he was late and Akhlaq was already dead by then.

In his conversation with Sisodia, Akhlaq had said that he was in danger and urged him to call the police.

Sisodia said, “I called up the police and told them my friend’s life was under threat. After I hung up, I ran to his house. I ran without stopping, but I was late. The police also arrived within 15 minutes, but Akhlaq was already dead by then.”

“Maybe, if I had reached a little earlier, I could have helped in calming down the mob, enraged at the rumours of a calf having been slaughtered in the house. At least, we could take his son Danish to the hospital.”

Danish, 22, was severely injured in the attack.



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