Sanghis married me off to Moody’s analyst, I’m married to Amit Mishra: Irfan Habib’s daughter


The daughter of India’s renowned historian, Irfan Habib, has slammed “sanghis’ for spreading ‘lies’ about her association with the junior analyst of the Moody’s Analytics.

Moody’s Analytics last Friday had warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the country may lose domestic and global credibility if he didn’t rein in the members of his party responsible for creating an atmosphere of hate in India.

Embarrassed by the assessment, the supporters of Narendra Modi government took to twitter making light of this warning with some linking Irfan Habib’s daughter, Saman Habib, to the Moody’s analyst Faraz Syed.

Saman has taken to Facebook lashing out at the BJP supporters while clarifying that she had no relationship with the Moody’s analyst.

She wrote, “The sanghis have gone and married me off to Faraz Syed, an analyst for Moody’s who gave that report with a thumbsdown for the Modi govt. The poor chap is being dismissed as ‘marxist historian Irfan Habib’s son-in-law’ among the twitteratti. For all those who care to know, I haven’t ever seen Faraz Syed and am actually married to Amit Misra!!”

The eminent historian, Irfan Habib, had angered the RSS sympathisers after he compared the RSS, the BJP’s ideological mentor, with the terrorist group IS.

Speaking at an event in Delhi, Habib had said, “There is not much difference between the RSS and ISIS as far their wisdom is concerned.”

Saman is working as scientist at Central Drug Research Institute.


  1. Sanghis always get involved in such dirty things, go to any extent in rumour mongering. The vulgarity they use in the media makes me think that they have no mother or sister because they attribute almost all the words to these two.

    • Yeah and your reference to other people’s mothers and sisters is so classy. L0L.
      We also know about your integrity when you don’t apologize for accusing sanghi’s of nun’s rape in Kolkata even after it was proved that the rapist was an illegal Bangladeshi muslim infiltrator.

  2. Heh. I thought Moody’s Analytics analysis was laughable when I didn’t even know the identity of the analyst. Now that I know the analyst was Faraz Syed, I know that the Moody’s story is a complete travesty. Flucking ISIS sympathisers in Moody’s also.

  3. hahaha
    left and right we have nuts of all colours
    feku intellectuals and nationalists
    our next mission to moon should have enough space for both these groups

  4. Hate mongers are very smart in putting totally fabricated story as a real one. In fact hate mongers live on hatred and shall due cultivating hatred and falsehood. No tolerance is in the blood of the hate mongers
    We must be careful of them. Hate mongers are emboldened when they have weak government incapable of managing the traffic. So no point in heart burning.

  5. The present Govt is intolerant ? Yes it has several loudmouths and loose canons. Such people were there earlier. The one who used to shout earlier were leftists and English speaking liberals and now the sanghis think they need to get back. Periods of correction , there is always a bit of overcorrection and things come back to normalcy after the initial euphoria

    Habib’s daughter may be an excellent scientist but she could well have been eased out. If Cong had been at the helm, in a similar situation she would have lost her job, after all she is working in a Govt job. Just read Bibek Debroy’s Intvw today of how he was hounded out.
    If one set of ppl think BJP is intolerant , others think it was Cong which encouraged some and put down others

  6. Mr. Habib was right in his analysis that “There is not much difference between the RSS and ISIS as far their wisdom is concerned.”


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