Sacked AAP minister ‘campaigns’ for BJP in MCD polls, BJP had attacked him on sex scandal


Sandeep Kumar, who was sacked over a sex scandal, has been reportedly campaigning for BJP in the MCD elections scheduled for 23 April.

sandeep kumar MCD

A report by ABP News said that Kumar, who was a cabinet minister in the Arvind Kejriwal government of Delhi, had been campaigning for the BJP’s candidate from Narela, Savita Khatri.

AAP had accused the BJP of having put up posters with Sandeep Kumar’s photos during Goa elections.

After the reports emerged on social media platforms, a defensive BJP has sought to desperately distance itself from Kumar.

One party spokesperson said that Kumar had turned up to campaign for the party candidate but he was asked to leave.

Kumar, for his part, said, ” “Kejriwal is making attempts to befool and mislead the people of the country via jhaadu (broom, the party symbol)”.

Sandeep Kumar was sacked last year by Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal after an objectionable CD involving the former AAP minister and two women emerged.

The party had later suspended him from the primary membership. One of the women in the CD had later approached Sultanpuri police station to file charges of rape against him. Faced with an immediate arrest, Kumar had later surrendered before the police leading to his arrest.

BJP supporters had made fun of AAP using ‘ration cards’ analogy because of the allegations that the former minister sexually exploited women in need of ration cards.

The news has prompted an intense social media war of sorts with the BJP’s rivals taking to Twitter to launch a new hashtag reminding what they said about the minister during the sex scandal controversy.



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