Samsung Galaxy S7: You can drop in water for half hour and it will be fine


Samsung has launched its latest flagship model in the smartphone series with Galazy S7.

The company has incorporated several key changes in the latest model including the expandable storage feature, which the company had disbanded in its previous series.

The curve is more sharper and prominent and the handset is ‘more robust’ than the previous S6 Edge. The company claimed that the phone can still be functional even after being submerged in water for half an hour.

Jean-Daniel Ayme from Samsung said, “I will also add to new gaming experience in the new phone. For example, we have new API that will deliver excellent gaming experience. The battery and power will support this experience We’ve also increased the brightness of the camera to be able to take good quality photos even when there’s not enough sunlight.”

According to the company, the battery life of the new phone too has more improved than the previous phones.

Industry experts say these changes will pose significant challenge to the competition.

“Although there are significant improvements under the bonnet with the camera, the chipset, the removable storage and the water resistance, Samsung will have to make sure that’s visible to consumers,” Ian Fogg from the IHS Technology consultancy was quoted by the BBC.

The South Korean company has never disclosed the sales figure of its smartphones, but according to research firm IDC, its market dropped by 2% in 2015 at a time when Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi made gains.




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