Actress Sameksha supports Bhabhi ji fame Shilpa Shinde’s sexual harassment charge


Actress Sameksha Singh has come out in support of her colleague Shilpa Shinde, who had accused producers of her popular show for harassment.

sameksha supports shilpa shinde

Shilpa recently filed an FIR against “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai” producer Sanjay Kohli alleging harassment.

Sameksha, who collaborated with Sanjay and his wife Binaifer on a daily soap “Zaara” in 2006, says while she did not face the same issue like Shilpa, she could relate with her in terms of how the makers sidelined the primary issue and in turn blamed the actress for her unprofessional behaviour.

“I related with what she was going through and came out in support. I realised something similar happened to me, where the main issue was sidelined and other things were highlighted.

When I had asked for my payment, I was in turn accused of unprofessionalism. Same as that of Shilpa,” Sameksha told PTI.

“My agenda is not to rake up an old issue to get my leftover payment. May be things have changed today (with them) but I came out in support for Shilpa because I’ve been in that position as well,” she says.

The actress, who most recently featured on Nikhil Advani’s TV series “POW”, says her support for Shilpa is without any bias or agenda.

Sameksha says she had no issues with Binaifer or Sanjay, but the fact of Shilpa being helpless in a similar position made her reach out to the actress.

“I never had any issue with them. Just that the environment on sets was not healthy and respectful. This happened in the past so I don’t really want to talk much about it. Shilpa’s case is more important. I am not supporting her for any profit or personal agenda, but to make her feel that at least somebody is with her,” she says.


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