Sambit Patra gets taste of his own medicine, thanks to Shivraj Singh Chouhan


BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra learnt a lesson on why he shouldn’t have been falsely accusing the congress party of being sympathetic to Pakistan. While, Patra and his party have no tangible evidence to suggest that the Congress is enjoying support from Pakistan, Patra got a taste of his own medicine on Friday after Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan made an embarrassing faux pas.
Sambit Patra

Speaking during an election rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Lahar constituency, Chauhan said, “I have a long desire in my heart. I want to develop Lahore in such a fashion that people should see what development looks like.” Chauhan clearly mistook Indian Lahar with Pakistan’s Lahore and earned plenty of embarrassment for himself in the crucial election season. What was noticeable was the reaction from one of Chauhan’s supporters on the stage.

Interestingly, Patra had made similar attack against Sidhu around a month ago. (Watch the above video).

Chauhan’s faux pas came after Patra attacked Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu asking him to join the cabinet of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. His attack for the former India cricketer was in relation to the latter’s visit to Pakistan this year, where the neighbouring country’s army chief had promised to open the Kartarpur corridor as a goodwill gesture to Sikhs. Sidhu was criticised by the BJP and its mouthpieces in the Indian media.

Sidhu has now hit the campaign trail for his party, which is seeking to dislodge the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh. Patra’s attack for Sidhu was to seemingly take the sheen off Sidhu’s impact in his election rallies by accusing him of being sympathetic towards Pakistan. Patra, told reporters in Madhya Pradesh, “I am surprised to see Navjot Singh Sidhu in Bhopal. What’s he doing here. He should have been in the cabinet of Imran Khan.”

The BJP has found itself on the back foot after the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its nod to the opening of the Kartarpur corridor months after criticising Sidhu for having secured a promise for the same from the Pakistani army chief, General Qamar Bajwa.

Little did Patra realise that his Pakistan jibe will backfire in light of Chauhan’s faux pas claiming to ‘develop Lahore’. As expected, the MP unit of the Congress party was quick to capitalise on Chauhan’s embarrassing gaffe. Its tweet read, “Shivraj’s fickle mindedness has reached Lahore via America and Washington. Is this Shivraj’s love for Pakistan or gaffe in fear of defeat. Anyway, how does it matter whether it’s Lahar or Lahore when the intention for development is missing.”


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