Saharanpur officer says Chandan was killed by saffron colour


Days after Bareilly DM’s Facebook post condemning the fashion of chanting anti-Pakistan slogans in Muslim neighbourhood caused a national controversy, another high-ranking government servant in Uttar Pradesh has uploaded an extraordinary post on Kasganj communal clashes.


Rashme Varun, who is posted as a deputy director (statistics) in Saharanpur, wrote, “So, this was the tiranga rally of Kasganj. There is nothing new here. On the day of Ambedkar anniversary too, a similar rally was taken out through Saharanpur’s Dudhli Road. Ambedkar was missing from the rally, or, let’s say, he was lost in the saffron colour. This is what happened in Kasganj. Tricolour was absent and saffron (flag) was on top. The deceased (Chandan Gupta) was not killed by any other community. He was killed by those carrying saffron flags. The tricolour was just a facade.”

Varun went on to add, “What’s not being said here that is they (Hindu) insisted others to join the Tiranga rally and not for hoisting the flag at the statue or photo of (martyr) Abdul Hamid. In the end, the colour of red (blood) overpowered the colours of saffron, while and green.”

Her post was in reference to the news that Muslims had gathered at the Captain Abdul Hamid intersection to unfurl the Indian national flag when a group of Hindus arrived and caused ruckus while throwing chairs and destroying rangoli, prepared at the base of the flagpole.

Captain Abdul Hamid had died fighting for India in the 1965 war after destroying several Pakistani tanks. He was awarded the highest military honour Paramveer Chakra posthumously.


Varun later said that she wrote what she felt was right adding that she did not thing there was anything wrong in her post.

Barreily DM, Raghvendra Vikram Singh had condemned the Hindutva gang blaming them to deliberately entering Muslim neighbourhood to raise anti-Pakistan slogans. He was later reprimanded and asked to explain his social media posts by the Uttar Pradesh’s BJP government.



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