Sadhu with trishul ‘enter’ disputed Ayodhya complex in Supreme Court order’s violation


Two muslim leaders, party to the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit case, today accused the district administration of having allowed a ‘sadhu’ with a trident to enter the disputed shrine in violation of Supreme Court directions.

sadhu trishul ayodhya

However the district administration said the ‘sadhu’ was only carrying a replica of a ‘trishul’ (trident) and such religious symbols were allowed.

Senior VHP leader Ram Vilas Vedanti, a former BJP MP, along with a Hindu cleric – Abhay Chaitnya, who was carrying a trishul, was allowed to enter the make-shift shrine on Saturday afternoon, the muslim leaders alleged.

“A Supreme Court bench has in an order banned symbolic religious activities at the disputed site, so the Faizabad administration that had allowed a person with his religious symbol, and the symbol is a weapon, the Supreme Court’s order has been violated , said Khaliq Ahmad Khan a party to the case said.

He said as per the court order only one priest was allowed to offer worship to the diety.

Haji Mahboob, another person who is a party to the case, also alleged that the district administration by allowing a Sadhu “armed” with trishul inside the disputed premises had breached the security norms.

He said even pens, paper, belts, wallets, bags, watches etc were not allowed.

Mahboob said he had spoken to Faizabad District Magistrate about the issue and would make a formal complaint on Sunday.

However, district officials said that religious symbols were allowed.

“Yes, we allowed the sadhu with trishul to enter the premises because the trident was his religious symbol and such kind of religious symbols are allowed,” Anil Kumar ADM (Law and Order), Faizabad said.

Faizabad Divisional Commissioner SP Mishra said, “It was not a ‘trishul’ but a small replica.”


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