Watch: Sachin Tendulkar stops his car to speak to law-breaking bikers, video goes viral


Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the biggest cricketing legend India has produced. It’s no surprise then that his fans go crazy even to catch a glimpse of this sporting icon.
sachin tendulkar

Tendulkar, who retired in 2013 from Test cricket, posted a video on Twitter on Sunday. In the video, the legend is seen speaking to young bikers, who are desperate to click selfie with him.

Sitting in the rear side of the car, Tendulkar is then heard giving the all-important advice to his fans, riding the bikes without helmet.

Tendulkar wrote on Twitter, “Helmet Dalo!! Road safety should be the highest priority for everyone. Please don’t ride without a helmet.”

In the video, he is heard saying in Hindi, “Make me a promise, next time you will wear helmets.”

The bikers promises him to do so in future. Just when he’s busy speaking to this biker, another couple passes by riding on a bike. As expected, they wave at him. To which, Tendulkar again repeats his advice and says, ‘Helmet dalo bhai.”

The video has earned Tendulkar plenty of plaudits from his fans on social media. While some said they will also follow Tendulkar’s advice on road safety in future, others simply expressed their feelings on just how much they missed him on the cricket field.

Here’s how they reacted;


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