SHOCKING : Parents raid Ryan International School, Faridabad, find a drunk sweeper during a surprise inspection


The body of a class II student with his throat slit was found inside the toilet of Ryan International School at Bhondsi in Gurgaon on Friday morning.

Ryan International

While huge protests continued for nearly 3-4 days at the school’s Gurgaon branch, several other parents are coming together to form committees and lay certain basic parameters to ensure security and safety of their children.

In one such incident, parents of Ryan International School, Faridabad, gathered for a surprise inspection at the school premises on Monday morning. To their utter shock and dismay, they came across a sweeper who was caught completely drunk during morning hours. On further detailed checks, parents discovered that the police verification register at the school office, mentioned that there had been no police verification for the support staffs. ID address proofs were also found to be missing from the school records.

The parents were also astonished to see Not a single lady attendant in the school toilets. Bus drivers, conductors and other support staff were allowed to roam freely in the school campus without any verifications.

The CCTV cameras too were exposed for not being in working condition.

The fuming parents not only immediately called upon the local Police to arrest the drunk sweeper, however, they also insisted on setting proper guidelines for ensuring safety for their children.

This reported incident comes to light exactly within 3 days of a 7 year old boy found dead in the same group school. Such carelessness and casual attitude of the group demonstrates no seriousness to arrest this grave problem even in the future.

This is not the first instance reported for the Ryan School group. In May 2017, Class 1 student was found dead in a water tank on the Ryan International School’s Delhi campus.

In another incident reported, in May 2016, a Class 3 student of Ryan International School, Gurgaon met with an accident while crossing a road in Old Gurgaon, after the school bus allegedly dropped her on the other side of the road. The girl after being in coma for over a week, succumbed to death.


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