RTI reply said PM Modi ‘lied’ about his income as Gujarat chief minister


An RTI reply has shown huge discrepancies in the income disclosed by Narendra Modi as Gujarat chief minister in 2011.12 through an election affidavit.

According to the RTI reply (copies are with jantakareporter.com), Modi as Gujarat chief minister earned close to Rs 60,000 every month as salary and allowances.

Modi's RTI Reply. Credits should be read as Roshan/Jantakareporter.com


This is in sharp contrast to his 2012 assembly election affidavit, which had described his gross income as Rs 1.5 lakh for the whole year.

Modi's RTI Reply. Credits should be read as Roshan/Jantakareporter.com

Modi's RTI Reply. Credits should be read as Roshan/Jantakareporter.com


The Ahmedabad-based RTI activist had first moved the Gujarat government in December with an RTI request on Modi’s salary as chief minister. But, as reported by jantakareporter.com, the state government had rejected the request,

This had come after a series of unsuccessful requests by RTI activists to obtain information on Modi’s educational qualification.

An Ahmedabad based lawyer KR Koshti had written to the state government requesting information on Modi’s pay and other benefits. Among other requests,  ‘point 4’ of his RTI request had asked for the following;

“From date when Narendra Modi became Chief Minster to date when he ceased to be Chief Minister of Gujarat, provide monthly breakup of Costs, Allowances Perks and other benefits paid (expensed to exchequer) to Narendra Modi in a tabular form for each component. When direct benefit is not paid, please provide cost incurred by government in books for Narendra Modi for it.”

Koshti then filed an appeal and forced the authorities to release the full detail on Modi’s income as chief minister.

Roshan Shah, Koshti’s friend, who helped him file the appeal said, “First Modi concealed information about his marital status, then his government refuses to give information on his education credentials, and it’s clear that he’s misled the nation on his income too. It’s a clear violation of Representation of People Act, where the persons are expected to be honest. He’s not been honest here. This is very unfortunate and serious development. The nation is in such person’s control, who lie.”

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  1. So what do u conclude by this RTI ?? Few days ago, this aap mouthpiece published a fake article that HRD minister Simriti Irani have humiliated AMU VC. But the truth is that AMU VC never reached HRD office for meeting as the meeting was reschedule at last minutes. Hence the meeting was attended by Kerala CM and some MP regarding funding of AMU off campus in absentia of AMU VC. He himself clarified this(source IBN). Yet this aap mouthpiece never publish the correct version. Can any reporter/journalist of this biased online newspaper counter me???

    • Bhai tu rehne de…. Tujhse na hoga….. Tu bhakt hai isliye nahi samjh payega… Bhagwan tujhe sadbuddhi de

      • Bhai to reason bata de. Majority of aaptards are devoid of any reason. Please use some logic. Counter me if i am wrong. The biggest difference between aaptards and bhakts is that bhakts uses reason and can even question their leadership(modi or other BJP leaders), but you aaptards just sings Kejriwal bhajans. USe some brain that god gave u…..

        • the aaptards are busy with watching their advertisements and clapping….tamasha dekhne bhand karo aur kuch kaam karo…aaptards can just keep crying like babies or grumbling like oldies….

        • ask you leader why he joined pdp in j&k though the party fully supported afzal guru ??
          just for their benefits? ?
          What’s the bhakti reason for this ???

          • In JK, there are mainly two regions. One is Jammu(HIndu dominated along with Buddhist dominated ladakh ) and Kashmir(muslim dominated). In recent JK election, Kashmir voted for PDP, whereas Jammu voted for BJP. Hence both party came with Common Minimum Program. Both party compromise on some issue. So my dear aaptard the reason is simple. As both these party got elected in their respected area, hence they are together. The history of JK is complex. JK is closely watched by UN and many countries like USA, UK, Germany and by large number of muslim country Our enemy Pakistan which always wanted Kashmir will created international pressure if India gave order to kill all separatist leaders. They will apprach International Court of Justice blaming India for killing. Also many country will denounce India leaving it politically and economically isolated. Many muslim countries (specially oil rich country) will cut trade and oil supply to India. This will have consequence. Hence the best way is to house arrest them. Hope u get the point why i believe in BJP even after they aligned with PDP.

    • this is not any article its RTI. I don’t know what the problem with ppl of India. They easily forgive or sometimes defend sins of their favorite politician and try to justify pointing out faults in others. You may be supporter of any party any leader but at least don’t defend them when they are wrong. Fault finding in others not going to help this country. As far as I know till now JKR publish both views if approached not like so many other news agencies.

      • This aap mouthpiece Janta ka reporter is a fake blog run by Rifat who is Kejriwal’s friend. He is just fooling u by twisting facts and manufacturing news. Can u please ask this Janta ka reporter to clarify on AMU off campus-Smiriti Irani controversy. Also there is an article on JKR mentioning that Delhi government will take action on a news channel(Zee news) for a doctored video on JNU anti-national sloganeering. But yesterday sudhir chaudhary on DNA show clearly told what that Delhi government ordered magistrate investigation under Sanjay Kumar on 13 February. But he asked Zee news for video clip on March 1, and then submitted his report on March 2. How come he submitted his report just after one day. Also the Zee news video clip was proven to be genuine by Kejriwal favourite Truth Labs(Government does not this lab). Zee news in the reply asked SDM Sanjay Kumar to ask police for video. Also Sanjay Kumar send his request for video in a informal envelope, without any government stamp. I have scanned entire JKR timeline on twitter and website, but i cannot find any clarification on this issue. On contrary, JKR is twisting facts. Believe me ny friend, this is Kejriwal reporter.

        • You may have your apprehensions and maybe you are correct or not. Nothing wrong in having friendship with Kejriwal or taking xyz views. Do you know how many channels /media ambani owns who is benefited by Modi and hence goes Modi Modi all the time?

          This same RTI was given to other Gujarat media. Not a single one had balls to publish this.

          But what do you have to say strictly on the merit of this RTI and its response?

          • it is anti national magazine which serves to severe ties between hindu and muslim population. in india. tHIS JKR IS HAVING HIDDEN AGENDA . did you ever see his publishing against muslims. always attacks on hindus

    • Sahi Kaha India ka Nasib hi Panvati hai isliye 60 Sal thk Barbad karne vali congress sarkar mili aur Jab BJP jaise Achi Sarkar mili to Congress ke Chamche Sab jaga Dange karvate hai apni aur Napunsakta sabit karte hai…………

  2. Narendra Modi is not an ordinary individual. He is Prime Minister of a Democratic Country. Let him Publicly come Clean on his Own Marital Status; Educational Qualification and Income as #WeThePeople – Tax Payers – have the Legitimate Right to know it.

    • what married status ? they r married it is their personal life do u like to shelve your personal life here. as a lawyer u know many things donot try to be mum

  3. Bhartiya jumla Bhakt hemant chudai who don’t use logic being blind Bhakt advising other to follow him
    Modi criminal who killed innocent Hindu in godhra train and Muslim in Gujarat riots,to get political swing towards he willrot in hell

  4. Shame on you..! That raising issues for 1-2 lakhs, and that also falsely..! Dirty scoundrel..! Go, and harass Soniya Gandhi, who is reported above 19-20 billion dollars, reported around in whole world..! And, that too, raised by looting you, and other Indian people..!!! This two has different years.. Fool, do you have eyes..???


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