RTI activist’s wife wants to kill herself if probe in husband’s suicide not stopped


She lost her RTI activist husband, Vilas Baravkar in March 2014 after threats from the ‘political bigwigs’ became unbearable for him.

Two years on, the wife wants to do the same citing harassment from the agencies probing Baravkar’s death.

Ujwala Baravkar has written to the Maharashtra Home Minister, district police and the CID demanding that the probe into the case be stopped.

Ujwala has threatened to kill not just herself but her children too if the probe wasn’t stopped immediately.

According to a PTI report, Ujjwala, in her letter sent on 25 January, said that her family had been “suffering” as the investigating agencies repeatedly called them in connection with the probe into her husband’s suicide.

Sanjay Kumar, Additional Director General of Police, CID, said he had not received the letter yet adding that he could not comment as ‘I have not received the letter.’

Ujwala, for her part said, “My family has been suffering a lot post my husband’s death. We have been called repeatedly for investigation. The investigating agencies have been calling us and others frequently, asking us the exact cause of my husband’s suicide. This is causing us mental, social, economical and physical harassment.”

One of the people Ujwala had addressed in her letter was also an RTI activist Vijay Kumbhar.

He said, “one of the persons to whom the letter was addressed to, said, “The police should investigate the case sensitively and ensure that victim’s family is not harassed or questioned.”

52-year-old Baravkar was responsible for exposing the illegal construction activity in Chakan and had complained of receiving anger of political bigwigs. Allegedly under pressure from the powerful political groups, Baravkar hanged himself on March 25, 2014.

His four-page suicide note had mentioned names of over 50 political leaders.



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