‘Fraudster’ RSN Singh is not RAW man: Former RAW officer, RK Yadav


Hours after Janta Ka Reporter carried the story on how a former army Lt Colonel, RSN Singh, had insulted the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), on Times Now, a former RAW officer has come forward to call him a ‘fraudster.’

rsn singh fraudster

Singh, who is a frequent guest on several channels particularly on Times Now and Republic to air his bigoted views, is often identified by TV anchors as a former RAW officer.

However, a former RAW officer, RK Yadav, has come forward to rubbish his claims saying that Singh was never a ‘RAW man.’

Yadav wrote on Twitter, “The fraudster RSN Singh is not RAW man.”

Separately, a Indian Express too in the past had rubbished his claims as being a former RAW officer. According to the report, the man, known for his rabidly anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam views, is not from RAW at all.

“In fact, he’s not from R&AW but the army and was deputed to the agency on a brief stint. He was never assigned the Pakistan desk but was entrusted with looking after the Bangladesh army. He did not even complete two year tenure,” the IE report had said.

Minutes after Janta Ka Reporter ran the story on Singh’s insulting comments for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the channel’s editor-in-chief, Rahul Shivshankar was forced to issue ‘regret.’ Many felt that Shivshankar had simply refused to intervene to stop Singh from making derogatory comments.

Although the Times Now has now deleted the debate show in question, Janta Ka Reporter has accessed the full programme, where Shivshankar can be seen doing absolutely nothing to stop the bigotry of Singh.

One Times Now staff working on the desk in Mumbai told Janta Ka Reporter, “Rahul likes RSN Singh. We are often asked to get him for most of Rahul’s shows. So, clearly, what Singh said that night had Rahul’s blessings.”

Supreme Court lawyer, Sanjay Hegde, asked Shivshankar, “Would @TimesNow happen to know exactly how much time RSN Singh spent in RAW to qualify as an expert on all matters of internal security.”

Another user with verified account on Twitter sarcastically observed, “Of course. Muslim hatred is the official editorial line of Times Cow. They’ll just go back to demonizing them as per usual. (sic).”


We will wait to see if Shivshankar indeed was sincere with his ‘regret’ for Singh’s insulting comments for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He has an opportunity to walk the talk by never inviting so rabidly anti-Muslims even if he doesn’t end up behind the bars for his criminal act.


  1. Many times people give deregotary comment about Hindu GOD and GODDESS and also about Jesus and mother Mary
    So what do great about Prophet Mohammed that every one is making it a big issue

  2. Where is freedom of expression and tolerance? There is absolutely no insult in RSN Singh’s comments. The Web is full of commentary on Islamic prophet’s marriage and consummation of that marriage with a child as narrated in Islam’s own Hadith. Shouldn’t then ‘Muslims’ be calling for banning of Hadith which is full of cringe-worthy narrations of personal, sexual and violent nature? To say there is “insult” and then posting such a vituperative article to abuse RSN Singh is shameful. JKR has reduced itself to an Islamic propaganda site.

  3. Regardless of comments by RSN Singh, Islam as the world came to know although belatedly, a religion of violence. This has been pretty evident since the birth of islam. It has been seen in the Hadith that Prophet Mohammad married a child. So should he not be called a peadophile? RSN did not say anything wrong. I think most Hindus are the most selfish and are willing to kill fellow Hindus for foreign rulers. Jalianwala bagh incident is one of many examples.


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