Rs 4,572 crore deposited post note ban, Rs 4,552 crore withdrawn: Govt


The Centre’s Narendra Modi government on Friday said that over Rs 4,574 crore were deposited post note ban announcement in 13,140 bank accounts. Of them 5,800 accounts were of suspicious companies, said the government, adding that Rs 4,552 crore were withdrawn thereafter, reported PTI.


Rs 4,574 crore

The government has now begun investigating these so-called shell companies.’

“Vital information has been received from 13 banks regarding the bank account operations and post-demonetisation transactions of some of the 2,09,032 suspicious companies that had been struck off the Register of Companies earlier this year,” the government said in a statement today.

The statement further added, “Few of the companies have been found to have more than 100 accounts to their names. The highest grosser among these is a company having 2,134 accounts, followed by others having accounts in the range of 900, 300 etc. 

The latest revelation will give credence to the critics of demonetisation who said that the scheme was nothing but a money-laundering exercise.

Former union minister Arun Shourie had this week dubbed the demonetisation exercise as the largest ever money-laundering exercise.

Dubbing the note ban move as “idiotic jolt” Shourie said that “everyone who had black converted it into white” adding that demonetisation was the largest ‘money-laundering scheme.’

He told NDTV, “It’s been the largest ever anywhere, a money-laundering scheme, entirely conceived by the government, entirely implemented by the government, entirely acclaimed by the government… Because everybody who had black money has converted it into white through the banks by the government.”

Another veteran BJP leader and former finance minister in the BJP government, Yashwant Sinha too had slammed the Modi government for the note ban measures that have had crippling effect on the Indian economy.


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