Amit Shah faces heat from Kejriwal, Bhushan and Hardik Patel on Rs 13,860 crore black money


The BJP President, Amit Shah, has found himself in the midst of more serious allegations of being the hidden face behind the declaration of Rs 13,860 crore of black money by the Gujarati businessman, Mahesh Shah.

This was after former BJP chief minister Sureshbhai Mehta told Sabrangindia website that Mahesh Shah, the man who made mysteriously high disclosures of  Rs 13,800 crore in cash under the IDS , was a man with free access to the CMO in the past; Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal has further demanded that Amit Shah respond to the allegations

On Sunday, the popular face of Patidar movement in Gujarat, Hardik Patel, made a sensational allegation against the BJP president adding that Shah was only the face while the ‘main player’ was one ‘General Dyer.’

Patel was joined by Delhi chiefminister, Arvind Kejriwal, who said the charges levelled by Patel were very ‘serious in nature and demanded a probe. Kejriwal also asked Amit Shah to respond to the allegations.

A day later, Kejriwal’s former colleague and the founder of Swaraj India, Prashant Bhushan, too described the allegations ‘serious.’

He tweeted, “Serious charge by former CM Guj Suresh Mehta that Mahesh Shah who declared 13KCr Black was fronting for Amit Shah!

Property dealer Mahesh Shah, who had declared a whopping Rs 13,860 crore of undisclosed wealth under the Income Declaration Scheme (IDS), on Saturday appeared on a television show claiming that the money did not belong to him, only to be held by Income Tax officials for questioning.

Shah’s disclosure under the Centre’s IDS, which ended in September, accounts for over 20% of the total Rs 65,000 crore declared under the scheme. The city-based property dealer, who was missing since I-T department raided his residence earlier this week, appeared in the studios of a Gujarati television channel in Ahmedabad and said he had made the declaration under his name out of “compulsion” and to “earn commission”.


  1. It cannot happen that Reliance company without taking permission of our PM Modi they have used his photograph in their advertisement?if they have used his photograph they punishment very nominal.The company charged heavily.

  2. There is a Telugu equivalent here at Hyderabad some Lakshman Rao by name or so who also declared some 10-15 thousand crores black money under this scheme but later failed to show it up and said it was due to commissions promised by some bigwigs that he declared so!


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