Inventor of email, Ray Tomlinson, dies aged 74


The man credited with inventing email died on Saturday at the age of 74.

Ray Tomlinson, according to reports died of heart attack.

The US computer programmer was responsible for inventing the idea of electronic messages that could be sent from one network to another in 1971.

“A true technology pioneer, Ray was the man who brought us email in the early days of networked computers,” Britain Guardian newspaper quoted Raytheon spokesman Mike Doble, who confirmed his death.

Doble said Tomlinson died on Saturday morning but he did not know if he was at home and did not have a confirmed cause of death. Tomlinson worked in the company’s office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

According to BBC, his pioneering works had included the ground-breaking use of the @ symbol in email addresses, which continues to be used as a standard symbol in email addresses.

Tomlinson had sent the first email while working in Boston as an engineer for research company Bolt, Beranek and Newman.

It was his firm which first developed the early version of internet, then known as Arpanet.

Tomlinson though could never recall what he wrote in his first ‘test’ email saying that it was “completely forgettable”.

In 2012, he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.


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