Robert Vadra nothing to do with London property, ‘reveal’ new documents


Robert Vadra had nothing to do with the London house as originally alleged by an NDTV report.

London’s land registry department reportedly revealed that Robert Vadra was never linked with 12, Ellerton House, 11 Bryanston Square, London, a property purportedly bought by the Congress president’s son-in-law through a proxy.

According to official documents, accessed by news portal,, the flat no 12 in Ellerton House, located in Central London is owned by Harold and Shirley Sacks, not by any company allegedly fronting for Vadra.

The current owners, the documents revealed, had bought this flat for 9,50,000 GBP on 23 September, 2005. Since then, the property has not changed hands.


NDTV, in its report on Tuesday, had said quoted emails allegedly sent by Vadra and his executive assistant, Manoj Arora to one Sumir Chadha in London regarding the renovation of a the property in question.

The NDTV report also stated that the Modi government was investigating  allegations that Vadra had purchased the property through arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari for 19 lakh GBP in 2009 and then sold it a year later.

A day later, a report by Indian Express too said that Bhandari had admitted to the alleged e-mails exchange between him and Vadra.

Reacting to the allegation, the Congress president had said, “She said, ” Ye bhi ek conspiracy hai, Congress mukt Bharat ka matlab kya hai? Roz bahana banate hai, galat ilzaam lagate hai. Agar aisi baat hai, to bina bhed bhaav jaanch karo; doodh ka doodh paani ka paani. (This is also a conspiracy. What’s the meaning of (BJP’s campaign for) Congress-free India? They keep making making new excuses and hurling false allegations. If that’s the case, then probe the matter impartially. Everything will be clear).”



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