Rishi Kapoor ‘abuses’ woman Twitter user via direct message


A woman Twitter user has alleged that Bollywood actor, Rishi Kapoor, used expletives against her by calling her bitch in a direct message on the microblogging site.
Rishi Kapoor

User Shivani Channan shared the alleged screenshot of the direct message, which said, “F*** You Bi***.”

She wrote by tagging Kapoor on Twitter, “@chintskap showed his khabdaani manners. Hetero savarna uncle. Do research on their upbringing not just slum s Dalits. (sic)”

In another tweet, Channan wrote, “Rishi Kapoor, you keep talking about manners. This is what your manners are khandani man.”

Soon she followed it up with another tweet with a meme on Kapoor. She wrote, “Rutba of generations is so weak that a meme joke shook it..”

Channa alleged that it was her sarcastic tweet on Kapoor’s statement criticising the Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi’s take on dynasty politics in India that had angered the 65-year-old actor.

Kapoor, while reacting to Gandhi’s speech at the University of California, Berkley, had said, “Rahul Gandhi, In the 106 years of Indian cinema of India, Kapoor’s contribution is 90 years. And each generation is chosen by public on merit.”

User Channan had posted a still from the movie Besharam, where Kapoor had acted with wife, Neetu Singh and son Ranbir Kapoor.

She had written, “While public is still recovering from Besharam , drunky @chintskap goes MERIT MERIT. Nawaz ka badla le liya…yay hehe!”

Kapoor was accused of contacting his followers via direct message route even in the past to take on the trolls. He had, however, justified his action then.

“You can’t follow me and abuse me and you think I will keep quiet… Once I was corrected that I should not put this on my timeline. Now I go to them and do this. I will not let anyone try and stomp over me. No one can walk over me,” he had told Hindustan Times.

On Tuesday, the actor had reacted angrily to a cartoon on the recent fire in RK Studio.


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