Rioting by Kanwariyas is classic case of Frankenstein monster, are we ready to hand over sick India to next generation?


A video went viral on Wednesday showing a group of kanwariyas are seen vandalising a car in the middle of a busy Delhi street. The reason apparently being reported was that the car had brushed a kanwar devotee in the heavy traffic.


This rioting took place barely five kilometres from the Supreme Court, the official residence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Parliament. For the onlookers, it was a selfie or videographing moment. The attackers were willing to be filmed because they felt it was an act of bravery and righteousness.

“That law will catch up with them” was their last fear. Police came and could not even arrest a single attacker who were on foot on a designated route towards their holy kanwar pilgrimage. It speaks volumes about the rule of law in India. The police that visited the spot is the best equipped and trained police force of India, the Delhi Police.

Mobs have been on the prawl to dispense ‘justice’ through lynching or vandalising as they believe that the judiciary has failed to protect their religious symbols. The educated Indian masses have been indoctrinated to accept and remain silent while the ideological foot soldiers are doing the clean-up operation of India. The police force and judiciary is complicit in the grand design as most of the accused are roaming scot-free and being felicitated in public through garlands and national flag honors by cabinet ministers of the central government.

In this case though, the mob attacked without verifying or ascertaining the religious or caste identity of the car occupants. The car belonged to one person whose surname was no Khan or Hussain, but Bharadwaj. The girl is even said to be the daughter of a Police Officer. As the irony would have it, the same day a police officer’s daughter was nearly lynched by kanwariyas, IPS and IAS officers were seen dropping rose petals from helicopter on them elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh. The same day a police officer in Uttar Pradesh was being thrashed by another group of kanwariyas.

IPS officer in UP showering rose petal on kanwariyas from helicopter

This is classic case of India facing its own Frankenstein monster where the person or people who created it can no longer control it? The Frankenstein has now attacked it’s creator, the majoritarian masses of India. The occupants could be anyone including the family of a Supreme Court judge or a parliamentary leader.

India needs to wake up or be ready to hand over a sick India to the next generation. An attack on the car of Bhardwaj by the same foot soldiers, is really disturbing. It is a case of the foot-soldiers, nameless and faceless warriors clad in the Bhagwa colour weilding terror on their very own. This is clearly an erosion of basic human values. While the lynching of Pehlu, Akhlaq, Qasim or the Una victims had a set objective and narrative. This video is clearly disturbing and we hope it’s an aberration to the accepted norms of mob justice.


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