Right-wing Twitter troll wants Congress spokesperson raped and ‘brutally killed’ like Nirbhaya’


On the day Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley disagreed with his cabinet colleague, Maneka Gandh, on the censorship of online trolls, a right-wing troll targetted Congress spokesperson, Priyanka Chaturvedi, wishing her to be raped.

A nasty tweet by a relatively little known twitter user @rajagra14219 was enough to reignite the topic of the increasing menace of online trolling by right-wing social media users.

His tweet targetted at Chaturvedi, read, “You should be raped and brutally killed like Nirbhaya. Madam why don’t you become Rahul Gandhi’s live in partner. Ha ha ha.”



The user, Raj Agrawal, whose profile said he was from Mumbai, was immediately informed to Mumbai Police on twitter, prompting the user to delete his account.

But, the subject became the topic of intense conversation.


This episode is just another example as to what women social media users, particularly those critical of the right-wing views, do through online goons disguised as the supporters of the BJP and the RSS.

Maneka Gandhi, earlier this week, had said that she wanted the online trolling of women social media users as violence in future.

However, Jaitley, on Friday, told NDTV that it was simply not possible.


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