Poll Results: Analysis by Dibang, Kanchan Gupta, Ashok Wankhede with Rifat Jawaid


On the day BJP swept Uttar Pradesh with a historic mandate and secured nearly 50% votes in Uttarakhand by defeating Harish Rawat’s government, Rifat Jawaid spoke to a group of veteran journalists to analyse Saturday’s results.

Kanchan Gupta said that the BJP had effectively ended the caste and religion based politics by presenting a new example in the Uttar Pradesh.

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Ashok Wankhede rubbished Mayawati’s charges of EVM tampering adding that the BSP supremo’s allegations had no merit. According to Wankhede, while the YouTube was replete with videos talking about the vulnerability of EVMs for tampering, it was the BJP’s poll management that had won the party a historic mandate in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

ABP’s Dibang highlighted the meticulous planning and its execution on the ground by the BJP president Amit Shah. On AAP’s dismal performance in Punjab and its inability to open an account in Goa, Dibang said that Arvind Kejriwal knew how to rise even from a complete rout.






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