Watch Rifat Jawaid’s seat assessment with analysis on Goa, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh


Psephologists in India on Thursday predicted wins for BJP in all but one states that went to polls recently.

Since exit polls in India have had a history of getting their predictions horribly wrong, Janta Ka Reporter doesn’t give much credence to their predictions that lack any tangible ground work or scientific methodology.

rifat jawaid final analysis

Our editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, had extensively travelled to three states, namely Goa, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Fresh from his each trip, Rifat did interactive Facebook Live sessions giving his assessment on which party had edge in each state.

In his Facebook Live, Rifat maintained that Mayawati had an edge over her rivals and was likely to emerge as a single largest party.

On Punjab, he said that Aam Aadmi Party was likely to win between 45-51 seats while Congress could get between 51 and 59 seats adding that the latter was more likely to secure a majority.

Talking about Goa, which has 40 seats, Rifat said that the assembly here was likely to be hung as no single party was in a position to secure a majority. Congress could win anywhere between 13-18 seats while the ruling BJP had a wafer thin advantage and was likely to get 14-19 seats. Although AAP had no chance to win any seat, Rifat said that the only seat the party could win was south Goa’s Cuncolim, where Elvis Gomes was contesting from. Around 7-9 seats were likely to be won by others including Goa Foward.

He said that the BJP would have suffered a big defeat in Goa had Congress and Goa Forward joined hands for a pre-poll alliance.

Watch Rifat now (below) for final analysis and seat projections.


  1. Good Evenin Sir… is it possible that muslim votes are divided between SP and BSP and thats y it is advantage BJP .. and this is the factor that u are missing???… will appreciate your feedback on the same.. Thanks!!!


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