Richa Chadha on casting couch: Will name and shame if safety is ensured


Hindi film actor Richa Chadha has said that she was ready to name and shame people involved in casting couch if her safety was guaranteed.

Richa Chadha

Richa told news agency PTI that she was recently attacked for writing a blog on sexual harassment with even feminists asking her why she was not naming and shaming the perpetrators.

She said, “If you give me pension for life, take care of my safety, my family, ensure I’ll continue to get work in films and TV or whatever I want to do, my career will grow unabated as it is right now after I name and shame somebody, sure I will. Not just me, million others will do that. But who will do it?”

Richa said that those who dared to speak against the casting couch, there were repercussions.

“Every time someone speaks there are repercussions. Whoever is speaking out people are like ‘oh you’ve to name and shame.’ If the press knows who is doing this, why not let it out? Every time we take a step, there is a backlash. The ecosystem and the structure of the industry needs to change. We don’t have royalties here for actors, in absence of proper legislations, who will take a risk?”

The 30-year-old actor, who made her acting debut with Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, has her next film Fukrey Returns ready for release.

This comes after she told Firstpost that she was forced to send messages and go on a date with an actor and when she refused because the actor in question was married, she was told to start a relationship with a cricketer to “boost her career growth.”


  1. Thinking aloud : What if a crowdfunding campaign was created, and a fund prepared, to be awarded to the first people who blow the lid on this? What if the active citizenry pressure top Bollywood celebrities into donating part of their huge earnings into that fund?


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