Revealed: LG Najeeb Jung wrote to NDMC for action on complaint against MM Khan after his murder


In a shocking revelation that may cause considerable embarrassment the Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung, it has emerged that he had written to the NDMC for an action against MM Khan ‘as per law’ a day after his murder.

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On 17 May, a day after Khan’s death, Jung wrote to the NDMC, “It has been desired that the petition (attached) be examined, especially from the legal point of view with respect to the dispute raised by the petitioner, and appropriate action taken as per law. Action taken/ position taken in the matter may kindly be intimated to this office.”

The first letter sent by Jung’s office dated 11 May had stated, “Attached is a letter submitted to the Hon’ble Lt Governor by Shri Maheish Giri, Member of Parliament, East Delhi which is self explanatory. Necessary action as per law be taken in the matter and action taken be reported to this office.”

AAP on Monday had also revealed accusing the BJP MP from East Delhi, Maheish Girri, of writing to Jung while attaching a letter by Khan’s alleged killer, Kakkar.

On 11 May, five days before the honest officer was killed, Jung’s office had reportedly sent another letter to NDMC, this time referring to a note from Girri on the same issue.

Girri told Indian Express, “My office sends out many letters to many people. However, I have never sent a letter about Mr Khan.”

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The NDMC’s reply to the first letter to Jung sent on 19 May said, “The licence deed was cancelled and such cancellation of licence deed was upheld by the Hon’ble High Court… This order was further confirmed by Hon’ble Supreme Court… dated 23.11.2015. Since the highest court of the country has upheld the legality of the cancellation of the licence deed by the NDMC and as such the issue of arbitration clause does not survive.”

To the second letter, the civic body stated, “In this context, it is to submit that the issue raised…was already examined and replied to LG office…dated 19.5.2015. Since the licence deed does not exist, no case is made out.”

The murder of Khan on 11 May had taken a new twist after it emerged that the civic body’s vice-chairman and BJP leader Karan Singh Tanwar had written to LG Najeeb Jung asking for his transfer.

 Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal had announced a cash compensation of Rs 1 crore for the family of the honest NDMC officer, SH Khan, who was murdered for not bowing to corrupt businessman allegedly enjoying blessings of a BJP leader.

According to reports, Ramesh Kakkar, the owner of The Connaught hotel, had allegedly hired hitmen to kill NDMC legal adviser Khan.

Kakkar had even allegedly offered a bribe of Rs 3 crore to the lawyer and approached his relatives to pressure him, sources close to the investigation were reported as saying.

Kakkar owed more than Rs 140 crore of dues to the NDMC in licensing fees and the hotelier allegedly made several attempts to “influence” Khan by approaching his senior officers and even his relatives in Mumbai, but the honest officer did not succumb to pressure to take the money.

A desperate Kakkar then sent his subordinates to NDMC office seeking an audience with the BJP leader Tanwar.

Khan’s daughter, Iqra Khan, too made a desperate plea through a video asking for investigation into the allegations that Girri had accompanied an alleged criminal to meet the LG.





  1. So much of the moral high ground that the BJP has taken against corruption, nepotism, the happening s of everyday suggest otherwise. If so evident the so called ‘MP’ should be made an accomplice in murder of an upright officer who stood up to scums of this system


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