Revealed- How Delhi’s home secretary ‘plotted coup’ against his own government


In an explosive revelation, has learnt that the Delhi government’s home secretary, SN Sahai, had allegedly plotted to fail his own government’s ambitious project Odd-Even Formula, just hours before its dry run in the capital.

A top source told that Sahai held a meeting with his senior colleagues including the Divisional Commissioner, A Anbarasu, at 1630 hours on 30 December in his office at the fourth floor of the secretariat.

The senior civil servants present in the meeting decided that the IAS officers association should meet and decide to extend their support to the DANICS officers, who had been suspended by the Delhi government for refusing to sign the cabinet notes.

The IAS officers association met at 1830 hours and extended their support to the DANICS officers announcing their decision to go on half a day leave on 31 December- day of the dry run for Odd-Even formula.

Between the two meetings, says a top source who was present there, the central government was communicated at 1700 hours about civil servants’ plan to go on leave allegedly with an intention to fail the initiative to curb pollution in the capital.

Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, on Saturday told jantakareporter.comhow the protest leave by these officers had adversely impacted the government’s plan to do a dry run of Odd-Even formula on 31 December.

On 31 December,Kejriwal had made a sensational allegation that the DANICS and IAS officers in Delhi had become the ‘full fledged B teams’ of the BJP.

Kejriwal had also alleged that both the PMO and LG were instrumental in prompting the DANICS and IAS officers to go on mass leave primarily to scuttle the Delhi government’s ambitious Odd-Even programme, which started on 1 January.

Delhi government on 29 December had suspended two senior officials for refusing to sign some files, causing yet another potential showdown with the Lieutenant Governor and Centre.

As many as 200 bureaucrats from Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Service cadre threatened to go on mass leave on Thursday in protest against the government’s decision. The 70-odd IAS officers, who work in different departments of the national capital, also threatened to go on a half-day leave on Thursday in solidarity with the DANICS.

A senior government official said that the conduct of the home secretary Sahai, who was appointed in July 2015, and other civil servants was a serious matter as ‘there has never been any any such precedence of IAS officers going on strike in the past.’

The latest revelation on how the home secretary allegedly plotted against his own government to fail a serious policy decision, which impacted the lives of people in Delhi, may not go down well with the people at large.


  1. and this is why Arvind Sir is right in saying that we need bureaucrats who can deliver .. it’s time that we replace them with experts .. India cannot afford to put up with such tardiness anymore.

  2. And the SHAMELESS BJP govt has rendered, the orders of Delhi to Govt, to suspend such Pathetic Officers, Null n Void…

    BJP n its Puppet LG shud GO n DIE sumwhere !!

  3. In 65 years no Government minister no bureaucrat no political personality or no public figure ever raised the issue of odd even vehicle restriction to curb pollution let alone implement one. Now that AAP has in fact implemented such a measure- instead of praising their effort there is resistance from – of all the people – civil servants who are duty bound to serve the people of India. Make no mistake- opponents of AAP who oppose such a move of pollution control, are in fact a breed whom Anna Hazare identified as KALA ANGREZ they are bearing the legacy of those who brokered India’s slavery to foreign powers. AAM ADMI should identify their enemy within.

  4. What happens to the inner fabric of a nation whose Central Government harbors and instigates elements who instead of supporting , tries to sabotage an issue like pollution control ? Of course it is not surprising. Because 95% of Indian population who are outside Anglophonic circle are too naïve to understand that their fate is decided by Anglophonic bureaucracy who are duty bound not to the 95% but to insure PROFIT of a tiny group of merchants whose loyalty is with their Western Masters. For them 95% does not even exist or if it does only as a vote bank. What can the nation expect from this Bureaucracy and this Government no matter what clothes and what color they are wearing.


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