“Repeal the anti-farm laws”: Rahul Gandhi says ‘Modi Govt’s apathy & arrogance have claimed lives of over 60 farmers’


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has once again attacked the Centre’s Narendra Modi government accusing it of committing ‘brutality’ against the protesting farmers. Gandhi took to Twitter to demand the withdrawal of the three Farm Laws.

“Modi Govt’s apathy & arrogance have claimed lives of over 60 farmers. Instead of wiping their tears, GOI is busy attacking them with tear gas. Such brutality, just to promote crony capitalists’ business interests. Repeal the anti-farm laws.”

Gandhi’s latest attack came after the seventh round of talks between farmers and the government ended without any success. Tens of thousands of farmers are camping near Delhi borders demanding the withdrawal of the three Farm Laws. According to the protesting farmers, the laws have been passed to help the corporate friends of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Reliance Industries on Tuesday had issued an extraordinary statement pledging to respect the Minimum Support Price while purchasing produce from farmers. It had also denied reports that the Mukesh Ambani-led company was planning to enter the corporate farming.

Reliance had said in its statement, “We urge the public and the media to be aware of the correct facts and not be misguided by false information and narratives peddled by vested interests for their own gain and benefit.”


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