Silent majority have realised their mistake in voting for BJP


Actor Prakash Raj has once again launched a scathing attack against the BJP saying that a silent majority” of people had now realised their “mistake” in voting for the BJP.

File Photo: PTI

Speaking to reporters in Bangalore, Raj also attacked the Centre’s Narendra Modi government for silencing the dissent in its desperation to hang on to power.

He said, “Hasn’t this been happening for quite some time? Wasn’t Shah Rukh Khan sidelined? Wasn’t Aamir Khan sidelined? Wasn’t he removed from being an ambassador? Weren’t some of his commercials stopped? My commercials are being stopped too. I can’t speak about the commercials because there is money involved.”

The actor had first slammed the Hindutva brigade in the wake of the gruesome murder of his friend and journalist, Gauri Lankesh. Launching a blistering attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the murder of Lankesh, Raj had called him a better actor than him.

On Sunday, Raj once again criticised the Hindutva politics and how it was responsible for instilling fear among citizens.

He said, “You pass a law on cow. Just because you have doubts, you kill somebody. If a young couple is sitting, you pelt stone and assault and make a young couple marry. Are you a representative of this country? If this is not instilling fear, what is?”

Commenting on the controversy on Taj Mahal and Tipu Sultan, the popular actor had asked the Hindutva forces to not waste people’s time.

In a Twitter post, he had written, “Instead of focussing on farmers’ plight.. jobs to the simmering youngsters of our country, roads, schools, hospitals…..instead of focusing on governance and development but on just winning elections..

“Why are you politicians wasting our time digging history #tipusultan #tajmahal and creating hatred for which WE THE LIVING are not responsible..#justasking.”


  1. It may be true that many people disapprove the fascist character but, the rulers are adept at dividing opposition and gaining by ‘ divide and rule’ method. People in election – bound states must be alert to the ‘ machinations’ of the rulers in garnering votes


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