Real #MeToo hero or lynch mob justice: Karnataka woman thrashes bank manager for seeking sexual favour in exchange of loan


A Karnataka woman on Monday publicly thrashed a bank manager after he allegedly sought sexual favours from her for approving her loan application. The incident took place in Karnataka’s Davanagere district.

bank manager

The video of the woman thrashing the bank manager has now gone viral on social media platforms.

The woman is being hailed on social media with many applauding her for not waiting a MeToo campaign many years later. One user wrote, “She is doing a great job instead of tweet #metoo.” Another user wrote, “The real #MeeToo warrior!” “ravo lady …instead of tweeting #MeeToo after the incident. The lady is bold enough to take action right in the spot,” wrote a female user.

However, there were many who asked to employ caution since the bank manager’s version was not known. They reminded how in the infamous Rohtak sisters, a young man’s career was ruined after the video of his public thrashing by them had gone viral. Later, it had emerged that the Rohtak sisters were never sexually assaulted as was claimed by them.

One user, a doctor by profession, wrote, “Don’t jump to conclusions. Remember the Rhotak sisters incident?” Another user agreed, “Just rmmbr 1 thing, in case if manager innocent, his job, reputation, fmlys all ruined cos f this. Justice delivery wl take nthg less than 2 decades. So, don’t pre-judge & conclude things, neither we know the woman nor the manager, y this preconceived notions then?”

The bank manager, according to Times Now, worked at DHFL and was approached by the woman seeking a loan of Rs 2 lakh. He allegedly agreed to approve her application if she slept with him. The woman, the report added, had recorded the entire conversation.

The local police have reportedly taken the cognisance of the matter.


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