Raveena Tandon trolled for seeking publicity using photo in sari


Mast Mast girl Raveena Tandon on Saturday posted a photo clad in beautiful sari and fine jewellery on Twitter. But minutes after she posted the tweet with her photo, the actor began facing incessant trolling.

That’s because of the provocative content published in Tandon’s tweet.

Her tweet said, “A sareee day … will I be termed communal,Sanghi,bhakt,hindutva icon?if I say I love wearing the saree and I think it’s the most elegant.

Soon she was inundated with messages critical of her and her bigoted views with many even suspecting that Tandon may have deliberately asked for controversy since she hasn’t been in a limelight for a long time.

This prompted her to issue an apology. Her next tweet said, “Saree is a beautiful Elegant Indian Garment.My Tweet was NOT to communalise Saree.Was my fear of being trolled to say I love anything Indian. If it has come across as anything else.I apologise.That was not the intention.Had not thought that it would be misunderstood the way it has.”



Tandon has been vocal with her communal and pro-BJP views in the recent past, making her a villain even among those who once adored her as an actor.

In November, while attacking Aamir Khan for sharing his wife’s fear on the growing religious intolerance in India, Tandon had said, “Let’s cut the BS-why can’t these people openly say that they weren’t happy since d day Modi became PM..instead of shaming the whole country.”

Here are some of what Twitter users said;


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