Nearly 30% of rapes cases in Haryana are False


The state of Haryana, which is considered one of the worst in sex ratio, and which has constantly earned dishonor for highest number of sexual offences against women, has officially recorded a rise in the number of false cases being recorded.

rapes cases

A recent study conducted by the state police found that nearly three out of every 10 cases of rape registered in six months of 2016 turned out to be false.

An analysis by crime against women branch at Haryana police headquarters has revealed that a number as high as 170 (27.3%) of 622 rape cases registered from July to December 2016 in the state were found false. After due investigation, all cases found to be false were cancelled.

As per the study report, prominent reasons cited in filing false rape cases were of honey traps, distortion and some were outright fabrication of facts.

“The rape sections are sometimes abused to aggravate the crime actually committed to make life more miserable for the accused. While police is committed to act swiftly against actual sexual offenders, it is equally committed to prevent abuse of the stringent law against innocent people. In absence of strong perjury laws, false complainants most of the time get away lightly,” said O P Singh, ADGP (human rights & litigation), Haryana.

Below are the alarming statistics put on record by the concerned authorities:

  • Yamunanagar : 17 out of 30 (56%)
  • Panipat : 17 out of 35 (49%)
  • Gurugram : 24 out of 67 (36%)
  • Faridabad : 14 out of 76 (18%)
  • Sonipat : 13 out of 36 (36%)
  • Karnal : 12 out of 39 (31%)
  • Mewat : 5 out of 22
  • Ambala : 2 out of 11
  • Panchkula : 2 out of 11
  • Rewari : 2 out of 19
  • Jhajhar : 2 out of 24
  • Kaithal : 1 out of 24

ADGP Singh said that over 95% of rape cases registered in the period were successfully investigated and taken to their conclusion. Only 1.4% could not be solved. Field units have been asked to expedite the investigation of the remaining 29 cases. “We are for bringing truth out in the open quickly. Offenders should face the consequence unfailingly. Framed ones should walk free for sure,” he said.

Jagmati Sangwan, noted women rights activist, however, said women alone couldn’t be held responsible for false cases. “There are many factors where women are being exploited, sexual exploited and forced to retract statements when any cases is registered. I believe that the police department should have involved some independent agency or some university/academic institute in the study for more accurate results,” she observed.

On the other hand, many Men’s Rights Activists have been raising their concerns over registration of false rape cases, which results in distortion of a Man’s dignity until proven innocent.

414 out of 622 cases (66%), were found to be genuine. In these cases offenders have been arrested and are facing due process of law. While nine cases (1.4%) that could not be worked out, have been filed as untraced. 29 other cases are still under investigation


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