Rape accused Saudi diplomat’s wife, daughter attacked and spat at police: eyewitnesses


Media reports say the members of Saudi family physically assaulted Gurgaon police when they went to the home of the diplomat accused of raping, torturing and performing sodomy against two Nepali women.

Quoting eyewitnesses, NDTV reported that the women ‘family members of the diplomat slapped the police personnel, spat at them, cursed them and refused to let them into the house.’

Other reports said that the standoff continued for almost two hours as the family members refused the police entry in their flat at Gurgaon’s Ambience Island apartment on Monday.

Police say that the MEA was aware of the treatment meted out to its personnel at the rape accused Saudi diplomat’s house.

One lady officer said that after a long standoff when they finally managed to enter the flat,  the family members of the diplomat including the diplomat’s daughter began to shout, push, hit and spit at them.

Meanwhile, the accused diplomat is reported to have flown out of India causing huge outrage on social media platforms.

Several users have now targetted the central government for being ‘incredibly weak’  in dealing with the accused belonging to foreign countries citing the examples of Italian marines.



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