Repeated disruption in Ramdev’s yoga camp angers Haryana minister, recommends officer’s suspension


Haryana’s health minister, Anil Vij, has recommended the suspension of an officer because he was very upset over the repeated disruption in power supply during a Yoga camp organised by Ramdev in Panchkula.

Vij recommended suspension of an Executive Engineer (Operations) in the electricity department for ‘not caring enough to ensure uninterrupted power supply to a state-level programme.”

The incident took place on Sunday morning when several high profile names from politics, government and bureaucracy arrived in Ramdev’s camp in Panchkula.

BS Ranga from North Haryana Electricity Corporation was on duty. According to Jansatta, first there were some issues with the sound system. Soon all the big TV screens installed at the venue also got turned off.

Vij was so angry with the disruption to ypga camp organised by Ramdev, a staunch BJP and RSS supporter, that he immediately ordered the suspension of Ranga.

He said, “I’ve recommended the suspension of the executive engineer. This was a state-level programme and it was the engineer’s responsibility to ensure proper order during the event. But it didn’t happen. I was also informed by the commissioner that he was wasn’t his job properly.”

Ramdev said that now media will now highlight the issue of power supply disruption ‘in my event.’

He said, “The baba or the government doesn’t have power house behind them. This is just a power supply, disruption happens. Outer light may go but our internal light should go off.”


  1. under what provision minister can SUSPEND OFFICERS? In MP power goes off 10-15min once in every 2-3hours-can MP power minister SUSPEND OFFICIALS here in Bhopal=this is a regular feature here.


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