Ramdev’s army of security guards will be ready to die for India


We recently heard that Baba Ramdev, the founder of Patanjali products, will now enter the security guards industry after continuously expanding his empire in FMCG sector.

ramdev raise army

Now his office made a sensational disclosure that guards provided by ‘Parakram Suraksha’ would be fully trained in using arms and scriptures — ‘Shastra and Shstra’.

“Our security guards will be different from others because they will be trained in arms and scriptures [shastra and shstra] and will be mentally, physically and spiritually stronger than others,” Patanjali Ayurved Ltd and Patanjali Yogpeeth spokesman S K Tijarawala told News18.

Despite Patanjali being declared as the ‘worst disruptive force for consumer goods industry’ last year, Tijarawala flaunted his company’s intention in the security guards sector.

Tijarawala said, “This business, so I have heard, is worth around Rs 40,000 crore to Rs 50,000 crore. And is potentially going to employ around 50 lakh people. So we wanted to move in this direction. Provide employment to all these people.”

Creating job opportunities and further expanding his business empire weren’t two things in Ramdev’s mind when he decided to create his own army of security guards.

Tijarawala said that the guards working for his company will be patriotic and ready to die for India.

“We can look around and see how fearful the situation is. And the people entrusted with this job lack the necessary conviction, loyalty, character and patriotism. Any guard in this business should be prepared to die for his country.”

His company employ only ex-servicemen.


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