BREAKING: Rapist Ram Rahim Singh sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment


Rapist baba Gurmeet Singh has been sentenced to 10 years in jail. He was convicted of rape on Friday by the CBI court.

His conviction had led to large scale violence leaving 38 people dead and more than 250 people injured. The state government had come huge condemnation from the High Court for allowing the state to burn for political gains. The rapist baba will soon be confined to a solitary confinement.

Gurmeet’s lawyers argued that the rapist baba was instrumental in carrying out humanitarian works and that should be taken into consideration.

A woman, who was a sadhvi at Gurmeet’s ashram, had alleged in 2002 that the rapist baba had repeatedly raped her while threatening her of dire consequences. She later alleged that her brother was killed by Gurmeet.

Her letter was published by a local newspaper, Poora Sach, whose publisher was murdered allegedly by Gurmeet’s goons. The Punjab and Haryana High Court had taken suo moto action and ordered CBI inquiry.

Medical examination of Ram Rahim Singh is being done, after this he will be given a jail uniform and will be allotted a cell in jail.


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