Ram Madhav’s ‘your ISIS’ comment to British Muslim journalist goes viral


Videos of Ram Madhav telling a renowned British journalist ‘your ISIS’ has gone viral on social media.

Madhav, who made a lateral career transition from the RSS to join the BJP, was on Al-Jazeera’s flagship programme, Head to Head, recently.

While answering a question from the host on why his government had no concrete vision to solve the problem of Kashmir, Mehdi Hassan, he said, “You worry about many more thing that are happening. Your ISIS can catch hold of nuclear weapons.”

Hassan promptly interrupted and asked, ‘My ISIS?’

Undeterred by the booing of audience, Madhav continued to make his point on the danger of ISIS.

But Hassan was in no mood to let him go unchallenged. He persisted, “But you said my ISIS.”

A visibly nervous Madhav then desperately tried to redeem himself and corrected, “Your ISIS in the sense ISIS can catch hold of nuclear weapons. Worry about their system.”

And this wasn’t the only difficult moment for Madhav who appeared quite uncomfortable all throughout the interview titled under ‘Is Modi’s India flirting with fascism?’

Shot at Oxford Union, the programme also had other guests including Nitasha Kaul and Gautam Sen, who reportedly advised Narendra Modi in the past.

At one point, Sen was seen calling Kaul, a Kashmiri pandit, an agent of Pakistan because of her remarks on the alleged violations by the Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir.

At one point Hassan reminds Madhav of a resolution passed by the RSS post 2002 Gujarat riots saying, ‘Let Muslims understand that their real safety lies in the goodwill of the majority community.’

Madhav said the journalist was wrongly interpreting the statement as it only meant that two communities needed to coexist with harmony.

This prompted Hassan to ask, “If David Cameron (British Prime Minister) were to say ‘let British Hindus understand that their real safety lies in the goodwill of majority’ do you think they will find it acceptable. No They won’t.”

Madhav then also goes on to say that the Taj Mahal is a part of Hindu culture in India.

You can watch the full interview here.




  1. Nothing wrong what he said.If there is Hindu Taliban,then of course Muslims should not have a problem in accepting that majority of modern terrorism is Islamic.

    • for example?
      the attack in iraq?
      the attack in afghanistan?
      the attack in Libya?
      the attack in Syria?
      the genocide in Burma?
      the genocide in Sri lanka?
      the lynching of a man for “alleged storing of beef”?
      or maybe you mean the murder of millions under the hand of Mao? or Stalin? or Hitler? or in Japan? or by Japan?

      What exactly do you mean by majority of modern terrorism is Islamic?

  2. .

    RSS has divided the people of India into two faiths:

    The two groups are:

    1. The followers of faiths that originated in India and

    2. The followers of the faiths that originated outside India.

    And now RSS runs ghar vapsi ceremony.

    RSS insists that minorities should earn the goodwill of the majority for their safety.

    Those who challenge the diktats that follow from a Hindutva notion of identity are labelled anti-national, Pakistani or Western agents. Depending upon the context and the vulnerability of the challengers, they can be killed, raped, physically attacked, maligned, harassed, bullied, or divested of any institutional or other power they may have.

    RSS campaigns such as Bahu Lao-Beti Bachao – Hindu women must also have as many children as possible to counter the “overpopulating Muslim”); when anyone is suspected of being involved in cattle trade or beef consumption (as an RSS spokesperson said: “killing or smuggling a cow is equivalent to raping a Hindu girl”); when there is “appeasement” of Muslims, Christians, or other minorities; when Dalit bahujan rights challenge savarna hierarchies.


    • RSS says either your believe in Indian consitution. If not then pack your bag and go to place where you think constitution suits your religion… Don’t lie..

      • .

        People of honor engage and learn that Indian Muslims are more patriotic than many Indians.

        People of honor engage and learn that Indian Muslims are more nationalistic than many Indians.

        Islamophobe believes that it is his birth right to abuse 20 crore Indian Muslims.


        • Who said you are not patriotic. I saw Islam through good people (out of whom many are my friend). And as per I felt, it is not bad. it is similar to other religions. I don’t agree with you guys but you have right as I have right for idol worship. if I don’t have right to question the prophet’s life, similarly no one has right to say that I am kafir and worshipping satan..

          I do saw terrorism from the action of those who say that they believe in religious book more than constitution of India even if they are Hindu.
          I am saying those who don’t believe in constitution.

          Further, I have no right to abuse peace loving muslims or any other minority. You all and we all are brothers and sisters. Our ancestors share same ideas that is why you stayed in India. You choose Islam and we didn’t. That is the only difference and is such minute difference that it doesn’t make difference b/w us. But the moment someone say that they want more rights as compare to other citizen just because they are from specific religion/caste. We are against that.. even if Hindus say that I am against them and will be happy to send them out of India.

          further, I accept there is a small mistrust and this is due to the fact that still people marry in Pakistan (who is enemy of India). Does Indian muslims don’t have good boys/girls that they need to import groom/brides from them. Mistrust is because some people openly say that they don’t believe in consitution of India. Mistrust is there because of the biggest mistake done by people who founded Pakistan. Somewhere there is a fear that there will not be another partition. It is being flamed by Pakis, who always send muslims disguised as Indian Muslims or corrupt few (Hindus also get corrupted by them) who create problems for rest peacelovers… You have Zakir Naik, Osawi. So we also have Yogi.. All are same.

          The only solutionI can think of is that we all have to remove the mistrust and once say “We are one, our ancestors are one, we share same culture, same identity, which is Indian and no matter what we believe in its constitution. Believe in freedom of others irrespective of what our religion taught us..”

          • .

            Who is calling you kafir and you are worshipping satan.

            In fact Muslims believe that different religions are alike different flowers in the garden of the creator. And Muslims are commanded that there is no compulsion or coersion in the matter of religions.

            And please be honest and tell me which Muslim says he does not believe in constitution. Its a reminder to all doubting Thomas that Maulana Abul Kalam Azad RA, the tallest visionary that Islam produced was a founding member of the constitution of India.

            And you can check that Muslims are not beneficiaries of any reservation. It is unfortunate that RSS chief supports reservation. Please read his latest sermon.

            Mind it that it Modi who is engaging with Pakistan. Not even 0.000001% of Indian Muslims marry in Pakistan. In fact no Indian Muslim wants to engage with Pakistan, a worst place in the planet earth.

            Having known that Yogi and Owaisi are two sides of same coin, wisdom lies in not subscribing to the inhumane sermons the extremists.



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