Ram Gopal Varma enrages internet users for crass post on Sania Mirza


You would have thought that after Ram Gopal Varma quit Twitter, you will be spared his often nonsensical and gender insensitive social media posts.

ram gopal varma sania mirza

Wrong! The Satya director is back with more controversial posts. This time on Instagram, where he said he will exist in future after saying goodbye to the microblogging site.

His Instagram post that has left internet users utterly incensed includes a photo of India’s tennis sensation, Sania Mirza (see below).

His Instagram post says, “A girl told someone,MBSLBCI reminded her of,though she was very good at Tennis her father refused to permit her to play beyond a age because she will have to wear skirts ..The film is about exposing these regressive minds who use a girl’s sexuality against herself.”

Varma has understandably used the photo of Sania to promote his next short film Meri Beti Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hai starring Makrand Deshpande, Divya Jagdale and Naina Ganguly.

It’s not the first time Varma has courted controversy with his crass comments targetting women. In March, an FIR was filed against him for his derogatory tweet on International Women’s Day saying, “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives.”

However, it’s the use of Sania’s photo, where her skirt is flying up during a tennis serve, that has angered the internet users.

Here’s how they reacted;

literally_emma: I’m sorry but this is a cheap shot and shouldn’t be promoted by someone big like him, we all know hard work she have done, we’re proud of it and that’s why this pic is making people furious, it just narrows a hard working star to something she’s not, this is below her, everyone suffers bad shots and wardrobe malfunctions, it’s normal but it shouldn’t be promoted and glorified, Sania’s been around enough sexist controversies nowadays, she doesn’t need morons like him to be posting crotch shots and badly publicizing her (sic).

sagar_dama: Is pagal director ke khilaf sab report kro

sarbas.pe: The uttermost extremity of moronism…….even my vocabulary hates u

chiku0908001: He wants to make thousands of followers that’s why he is posting such photos…… shameless creature……and our India’s public ese logon ko follow kar ti Hai toh aiise logon ko badhawa mil jaata hai…..so dear insta users stop following and appreciating these kind of people as they even don’t think of respecting women’s…..


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