Rakesh Sinha to AIMIM leader: You wouldn’t survive even 15 seconds if there’s retaliation against you


Known RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha on Saturday told the AIMIM leader in a TV debate that they wouldn’t last even for 15 seconds if there was a retaliation against them.

Taking part in a TV debate on News24 channel, Sinha told the panelist representing the AIMIM, “I am not even talking about Asim Waqar (from AIMIM) whose leader (Akbaruddin Owaisi) wanted police removed for 15 minutes. I am saying that if there’s a retaliation against them, forget 15 minutes, you wouldn’t even survive 15 seconds.”

The show’s anchor Manak Gupta later intervened and said, “I didn’t expect this from you Rakesh ji.” The AIMIM’s representative objected to Sinha’s remarks highlighting how he had just spoken about killing India’s Muslims in 15 seconds. To which Sinha said that he was merely sending a message to ‘Owaisis’ adding that he was not talking about killing.

Sinha later told Janta Ka Reporter that his comments were not intended towards Muslims adding that he was merely referring to the AIMIM leaders.

Akbaruddin Owaisi had to spend time in jail in 2015 for the hate speech that Sinha was referring to during the debate.

The debate was on the violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj, where a youth was killed on the Republic Day after a group of people allegedly belonging to Hindutva organisations attempted to disrupt an event Muslims to hoist the Indian tricolour.

Watch the video below from 17.45 onwards:




  1. Akbaruddin was sent to jail for the hate speech. The double standard is clearly visible from the action and the courage of the government to implement the law and order. Hate is the coin of current government. Be it Muslim, Dalit or any minority. All are targeted by the current establishment without any accountability. India is being reduced to banana republic by the Hindutva brigade. We fail to see anything good coming in future from this jungle raj. Is this the achche din???

  2. RSS has gone above the Government . It was not the case during the tenure of Vajpayee ji . Why take out saffron flags on the Republic Day . Sinha ji says , AIMIM leaders will even last for 15 secs if he wants to kill them . This type of language is against the principle of Democracy . India seems to be under fascist rule , now-a-days .

  3. I don’t thing what i say this type statement by Rakesh sinha .And i feel guilty why i’m approached person of like that thinker in India.
    15 sec statement of rakesh sinha , i’m just saying for him, yes you are success in destroy this peoples, democracy and our country.


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