Raju Srivastava fails to broker peace, more bad news for Kapil Sharma Show


Comedian Raju Srivastava has revealed that he had taken upon himself to broker peace between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, but his efforts have failed to elicit the desired response.

kapil sharma show
Photo: BollywoodPapa

Srivatasva, who appeared on Kapil Sharma Show on Sunday, told a tabloid, “When I spoke to Kapil, he told me these things (fights) keep happening and it will be sorted soon. But I told him it was pretty serious this time. I’ve offered to sit down with both of them to end the matter. I still have to get in touch with Sunil since he is not in Mumbai. We are planning to meet this Saturday.”

Grover had walked off Kapil Sharma Show after an in-flight brawl where Sharma was accused of having physically assaulted him in a drunken state.

Though, Sharma had publicly apologised for his misdemeanor, the step had failed to placate Grover, who accused him of behaving like God.

Grover was then joined by two more actors from the popular Sony TV show, when Ali Asghar and Chandan Prabhakar too boycotted Kapil Sharma Show.

Faced with a massive revolt, Sharma was forced to call in Srivastava, Ehsan Qureshi and Sunil Pal.

Srivastava added, “He(Grover) had earlier shared with me his concerns regarding Kapil, but didn’t think of quitting the show. This time, he seems firm in his decision [not to work with Kapil], but I hope things get sorted. I feel this matter is maligning the stand-up comedians’ fraternity; that shouldn’t happen.”

Meanwhile, it has emerged that Sharma was forced to cancel his Wednesday shoot as neither comedians nor any star guests turned up.

This comes amidst reports that Sony is not keen to renew the contract worth Rs 107 crore with Sharma fearing significant loss to the show’s TRP in the absence of its popular characters.

Colors TV too are reportedly in conversation with Grover and Asghar for a comedy show.


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