Rajdeep’s cameraman Rupen Pahwa breaks silence to heap further embarrassment on Arnab


In what could further embarrass Aranb Goswami, the former journalist, who founded Republic TV, Rupen Pahwa, the cameraman at NDTV, who covered the much talked about Gujarat mob incident, has broken his silence.

Rupen Pahwa

This comes exactly a day after veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai called out Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami’s lies on Gujarat coverage.

In an interview to India Today, Pahwa confirmed that it was indeed Rajdeep, him and the team, who were in the car for the coverage of Gujarat carnage when their car was ambushed by the Hindutva mob in 2002 and not Arnab as claimed by him in the controversial video.

Pahwa said that how a mob of approximately 300 people had attacked the car in which they were travelling. He not only mentions of Sardesai sitting in the front seat, but also how the senior editor walked out of the car confronting the mob. The incident lasted for about 8-10 minutes.

After being able to save their lives and leave the place of incident, they drove back in a punctured car to the Gandhinagar office. The driver too was completely shaken up, however, he kept his cool and drove them out of the mob safely.

On being questioned about the religion of the mob, the cameraman most respectfully chooses to say, “it was a mob, we are alive”.

When asked to comment on Arnab narrating exactly the same story, Pahwa laughs and replies that he doesn’t remember seeing him there for sure and he was definitely not present at the same incident.

Pahwa ends the interview on a note saying “Avoid fake news, stick to the truth’.

The Goswami video has mysteriously disappeared from YouTube after Janta Ka Reporter carried the news of Rajdeep calling out his bluff in a series of tweets. However, the same has been re-uploaded on the web by Arnabs’ former Times Now colleague today.

On Tuesday, Sardesai had called former journalist, Arnab Goswami’s claims of being in trouble while covering the Gujarat genocide of 2002 ‘fekugiri’ implying that there was no truth to the latter’s claims.

While posting an old video of Goswami, where he’s seen narrating how he was in trouble while covering the Gujarat riots for the NDTV in 2002, Sardesai wrote, “Wow! My friend Arnab claims his car attacked next to CM Res in Guj riots! Truth:he wasn’t covering Ahmedabad riots!!”


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