Woman fights off panther to save her two month-old daughter in Rajasthan


A brave mother in Dalgalfala village of Rajasthan has managed the impossible by fighting off a panther in order to save her two month-old daughter.

The 25-year-old mother, Sadan was initially joined by her pet dog as they fought the animal for 10 minutes. Although her brother-in-law and a neighbour also joined the fight later, forcing the panther to retreat, all of them suffered injuries and had to be rushed to Udaipur’s Maharana Bhopal Hospital.

Sources say Sadan suffered severe injuries on her leg while her neighbour Goma had to be given 15 stitches. Goma is still undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The incident occurred when Sadan, a tribal’s wife, was breastfeeding her daughter in the house courtyard, a hut near a jungle, when the panther attacked them at around 8 am on Tuesday.

Reacting quickly, Sadan threw her daughter on to the ground and fought the panther bravely for 10 minutes despite bleeding profusely. Her pet dog had meanwhile joined the battle.

When Sadan’s brother-in-law and neighbour Goma (aged 75) rushed to the scene to join the fight, the panther was forced to retreat into a room after nearly 20 minutes of tussling. Although the infant is safe, she suffered injuries with the blow she received when her mother threw her into the ground.

“I was breastfeeding Payal when all of a sudden the panther appeared. As soon as the panther moved towards us and jumped over my legs, I threw Payal on the ground and tried to fight back the animal,” Sadan said while recalling the deadly incident.

Later the panther was taken out from the room by forest officials after being tranquilised through a hole made in the house’s wall.

One of the panther’s legs were injured in the incident and he was later transferred to the Udaipur zoo.

(Picture Courtesy: India Today)




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