Meet Udaipur’s fit and smart lady police patrol team


Last month Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia flagged off the state’s first ever women only patrol party.

lady patrol team

Trained in martial arts and and weapons handling, these 24 women are now responsible for patrolling the Udaipur streets.

lady patrol team

The police-women, incredibly fit and smart, are seen riding their motorbikes while patrolling the city streets while taking on eve-teasers and tourists, particularly women.


“They are trained in arms, they are trained in martial arts, they are strong, they are commandos and they give women a feeling of security and safety,” said Chandrasheel Thakur Deputy Superintendent of Police, Udaipur city was quoted by NDTV.


The Rajasthan government aims to evaluate their performance before deciding on replicating the same in other cities in the state.



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