Ajmer institution calls off student-exchange programme with Pakistan


An educational institute in Ajmer has called off a student-exchange programme involving a delegation from Pakistan in view of the escalating tension between the two countries and opposition of some Hindu outfits.

The exchange programme involving 38 students and teachers from Pakistan was scheduled to be held at Mayo College between 2-5 October.

“In view of the current scenario and respecting public sentiments, the Mayo college management committee has decided to call off the event under sports and cultural exchange programme,” Achal Deep Dubey, senior English teacher of the college, told PTI.

District Collector Ajmer Gaurav Goyal said it in view of the protest by Hindu outfits, no-objection certificate (NoC) was not granted for the event.

He said the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has been informed of the decision.

“The Hindu outfits had apprised us of their concern and said they would protest against the visit of the delegation.

In view of the present circumstances and sentiments and law and order situation, the decision was taken to not give an NoC and the ministry of youth affairs has been informed about it,” he said.

(With inputs from PTI)


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