Alwar cop Mohan Singh admits ‘mistake’ on delay in taking lynch victim to hospital, says ‘ I agree it was my fault. Now punish me’


The Alwar cop, whose dereliction in duty caused an inordinate delay in transporting the lynch victim, Rakbar Khan, to hospital last week, has admitted his mistake. Khan was later declared brought dead at the Ramgarh hospital.

Alwar cop

In a secretly recorded video of Mohan Singh, he’s heard saying, “Yes I agree it was my fault. Now punish me. Do what you want with me. I made a mistake.” The video of his admission of guilt was broadcast by News18 (see below).

Sharma has now been suspended while three other constables transferred to police lines. Police have also arrested three people in connection with Rakbar’s murder.

This was after more shocking details emerged on Monday that Khan, lynched by Hindutva terrorists on suspicion of cow smuggling, was not taken to the local Community Health Centre in Ramgarh for treatment for three hours as cops remained busy in making arrangements for rehabilitation of the two cows, belonging to Khan.

Cop Mohan Singh caught on tape admitting his mistake

Khan’s companion, Aslam, who managed to escape, had reportedly said in a statement, “They tried to catch me and Rakbar. They started hitting Rakbar with sticks. I got away but I saw them and heard them hitting Rakbar.” He also added that Khan’s killers kept flaunting their connection with ‘local MLA’ and reportedly said that ‘you can’t do anything to us.’

According to the FIR, cops were alerted about the  attack on Khan at 12.41 am and the cops were on the spot within 15-20 minutes. It’s alleged that the cops, who reached the lynching spot was never serious about saving Khan’s life. They first made arrangements for the two cows before taking Khan to the hospital. Naval Kishore, a member of the Hindutva gang, confirmed that the two cows, owned by Khan, were brought to a nearby shelter at 3 am.

A woman witness, earlier described to be a relative of Kishore, had told NDTV she saw “a policeman beating the man inside the vehicle and abusing him.” The man, Maya added, was still alive and cried in pain.

“They (the mob) didn’t leave any part of the body that wasn’t broken. His neck was also broken so how could he have recorded his statement?” said Rakbar’s older brother Illyas was quoted as saying.

As the arrangement to shift the cows was made, cops walked to a nearby tea stall to have their much-needed refreshment break even as the lynched victim cried in pain. The Alwar SP, Rajendra Singh, said that he had taken note of the grave allegations against his police personnel and has ordered an inquiry.

Earlier on Monday, the central government announced it was setting up a high level committee chaired by home secretary Rajiv Gauba to make recommendations on law for lynching. The committee is reported to submit its recommendations within four weeks.

However, the AIMIM chief and MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, called the government an eyewash. He tweeted, “This is just an eyewash,to divert attention from criticism Modi government is facing ,Gau rakshas are embedded with BJP political masters who control police,in JUNAID case Haryana police has not yet found eyewitness to murder in railway station COW is HOLY not a Human life.”


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