17-year-old was blackmailed with morphed naked photo, Rajasthan Police blames girl’s upbringing


Union minister for women and child development, Maneka Gandhi has vowed to take immediate action into a complaint where Rajasthan Police had shockingly questioned the upbringing of the victim of sexual harassment.

rajasthan police girl's upbringing

This was after the sister of a 17-year-old victim of sexual harassment poured her heart out on Facebook sharing her woes on how the Rajasthan Police had blamed her upbringing when the family approached cops for filing of an FIR.

According to Saleha Paatwala, on 5 April her sister received an anonymous direct message on Instagram. The message had a photo, where the girl’s face had been morphed and photosopped to look like a part of naked body.

User @aryan6687 said that she will post the photo on Facebook and tag the girl into the message.

Saleha recounted the episode in a Facebook post. She wrote, “7-year-old sister received an anonymous DM on Instagram. It was the picture of her face MORPHED on a naked body. He said he would post it on Facebook and tag her. Afraid, like any minor would be, she shared the incident with my parents. (sic)”

Saleha alleged that when she approached the cops in Udaipur, they appeared reluctant to register her complaint. Instead, according to the Facebook post, the cops blamed her upbringing for the sexual harassment of her sister.

She wrote, “Aap Bohra logo ko parents se bhaut azadi mili hui hai isliye ap logo ke sath ye bahut hota hai.” (Bohras have given their children a lot of freedom and that is why it happens). Why do you post pictures on social media? ‘What he has done with you, he will do it with others as well. You should delete your social media accounts in order to be safe.’ (sic)”

Saleha took to Twitter to share her agony and tagged Maneka requesting her for help.

Maneka has promised to take immediate action. She wrote, “Dear @Salehapw1, quickly forward your contact number through DM. I will take immediate action.”

Here’s Saleha’s Facebook post in full.


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